Kitchen Taps

A kitchen tap is one of the most used items in the kitchen. You have to make sure you select the right type of tap for your kitchen. It must be compatible with your sink design and features. Kitchen faucets are available in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes.

Selecting the Right Tap for Your Kitchen

First of all, make sure the tap you buy is compatible with your sink. All types of sinks are not compatible with all types of taps. Determine what type of tap is most suitable for your specific application and personal washing preferences. Learn about different types of taps so you can choose the right one. Most homeowners now install mixer taps where hot and cold waters mixed together come out of a single tap at the pre-determined temperature.

Extra information about kitchen tap

Fixed Taps

These traditional taps are small in size and inexpensive. There is no flexible or retractable hose attached to the tap. You can move the tap sideways to direct the water in the desired direction. Simple single water source taps are installed in areas where the temperature of supplied water remains at moderate level all year round. In other regions, taps with hot and cold water sources are installed.

Mixer Taps

A mixer tap receives both hot and cold water supplies. You have to set the amount of water you want to receive from each source. If you keep open only the hot water valve, you will receive only the hot water. If only the cold water valve is kept open, you will receive only the cold water. When you keep both types of water valves open, you will receive mixed water from both sources. You can adjust each valve so you receive water out of the end tap at the right temperature. These taps have pressure balance valve to ensure the water coming out of the tap is at the specified temperature irrespective of the pressure in each water supply system. These faucets are available in different plumbing specifications. Both single lever and double lever models are available.

Pullout and Pulldown Kitchen Faucets

Pullout taps give you more flexibility and freedom to direct water in the desired direction. You can take the tap anywhere around the sink. This type of tap has a flexible hose attached between the base unit and the end tap unit. This makes it possible to manoeuvre the tap and direct the water all around the sink area. It is similar to the detachable shower head. This design of tap is useful for cleaning large pots and pans. A pulldown faucet is suspended over the sink and lets you pull down the tap when needed.

Within these categories, you will find a variety of faucet designs. There are single hole and double hole faucets. The single hole faucet requires only a single hole in the countertop. The double hole faucet is needed when you need both hot and cold water supplies through a centre tap. In some faucet models, levers are attached to the same base unit that has the faucet while in other designs the two levers are installed separately on the left and right sides of the faucet. Make sure you select the faucet that matches your sink design and specifications.