Arthur Gills
Welcome to the website of artist Arthur Gills. feel free to look around the site. You can find all the paintings we have so far of Arthur's in the gallery. alot of these have been taken from scanned in photos and may not be of the highest quality and are not for sale. to view all the paintings which are on offer to buy visit the shop! If you would like to know more about the artist the about page has a small biography. if you have any question please contact use via the contact page of leave a post on the forums.
Arthur is a self taught Artist now living in Newcastle in the North East of England. He was brought up in Londons east end in the days of steam and became interesterd in steam engines as well as painting. He is an Avid West Ham United supported and hides small crossed hammers in his paintings, can you find them all? for more information on Arthur or the Hammers visit the about page

A special thanks

A special thanks should also go out to the guys at The Factory Framing Centre in Newcastle for helping print and frame Arthurs paintings over the years and also to Tony Brooks owner of the Head of Steam chain of pubs for helping to promote Arthur and his Art. We would also like to thank John Scott for the promotion of Arthurs Art.

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